Team Building

Team Building

There is more to a team than their shared accomplishments.

The fully trained staff of Trinity Forest Adventure Park is devoted to giving your team, department, organization, or family a unique team building experience suited to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourselves.

Whether you’d like to develop certain leadership skills or simply grow as a team, we can tailor your challenges to maximize your experience. We’re excited to work with you!

Trinity Forest Outdoor Learning Center

The Trinity Forest is home to a unique Texas ecosystem with a wide range of wildlife inhabitants. Though many DFW area students live just along the Trinity River, few have the opportunity to explore the natural landscape up close.
At Trinity Forest Outdoor Learning Center, we believe there is an abundance of opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.

Our mission in the Outdoor Education program is to develop  awareness of and respect for the environment in students of all ages,
and express the importance of protecting and preserving it.

Trinity Forest Outdoor Learning Center programs have been developed by a former Dallas ISD educator, specifically to prepare your students for annual standardized testing. Curricula includes a variety of STEM subjects and humanities, and we can customize your field trip to include team building elements, admission into the high ropes courses of Trinity Forest Adventure Park, a hot meal,  free play activities, and more.

Contact us for more information, and to give your students a fun, educational field trip unlike any other. Your class will love it!

TF Outdoor Education Program

From Our Fans:

"D&J Empowerment Group just recently did our Youth Impact Event at Trinity Forest Adventure Park and it was amazing! Their team building activities are top notch. It opened a lot of the kids that attended eyes and gave them a new way to think about their choices and decision making. Showed them that in life we have to take risks to achieve our dreams and goals, better ways to communicate, and pushed them out of their comfort zones!! I love this place." - Durale, Facebook

"Great use of time; never bored - everything flowed well and Alex kept the content upbeat and happy." - Anonymous, SurveyMonkey

"It was so empowering! I felt proud of myself and what my body could do." - Lauren, email

"Great way to spend couple of hours being active. Offers different level to cater to a wider range. Can't wait to go back. Great place for family and corporate events." - Dia, Yelp

"Seriously the best team building event I've ever been a part of. The staff was great, very professional, and it was so much fun. The food was really good. I loved the facility. Our staff has been talking about the experience all week. I can't wait to go back with my family!" - Dusty, Facebook

"We loved our Girl Scout experience! The staff was fun and attentive!" - Suzanne, Bookeo

"This place is definitely a hidden gem." - BNJGreer, TripAdvisor

"I think the team building aspect was very beneficial. The event space was great. Felt very well kept. Alex was wonderful in leading the group through the activities." - Anonymous, SurveyMonkey

"Oh my fish sticks you guys rock!" - Kelsie, Bookeo

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